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Below you will find some of the more commonly asked questions by patients when considering our services. If you do not find the answer to your question in the list below then please call or email us for further assistance.

I am interested in dental implants. How many dentists/specialists will I need to see?

Only one! Because Dr. Ernst is a certified implantologist, he will evaluate, diagnose, and design a specific treatment plan for you. Then your appointments will be scheduled with him for surgery and actual implant placement, followed by monitoring of your surgical healing. Finally the design and placement of your crown,bridge or denture will be completed.  

Are you sick and tired of the same old dental treatment?

Often times doctors have a hard time making changes.  As a result they tend to do the same things year after year without recognizing the need to improve techniques and materials.
Dr. Ernst made a 100% commitment several years ago to  dramatically change the services he provides.  He uses state of the art materials, and techniques.  Along with his unusually compassionate approach to patients, Dr. Ernst provides hi-tech dentistry with a unique approach.

Does the thought of going to the dentist terrify you?

Once you’ve experienced Dr. Ernst’s empathetic, compassionate and non-judgmental approach to your concerns, your anxieties will immediately begin to dissolve.  As soon as you’ve benefited from Dr. Ernst’s methods to eliminate fear and pain, you’ll never be afraid to visit him again.

Do you hate getting shots of Novocain?

Local anesthetics (Novocain injections) can be administered almost painlessly with the use of several techniques that Dr. Ernst has perfected.

Are you concerned about mercury toxicity?

In the recent decade more and more evidence has come to light of potential harmful effects of mercury in the body.  There are many  sources of mercury that we are exposed to throughout the day.  One of these sources is silver mercury fillings.  Due to a preponderance  of evidence that suggests mercury may be dangerous to our body, I chose,many years ago, to stop providing mercury type restorations.
The materials that I use today, which are primarily porcelain and composites, are a new class of restorations.  They have undergone more scrutiny than any other materials previously used in dentistry, and thus I believe, are much safer and more effective for my patients.

Do you have questions about the safety of fluoride?

Like mercury, fluoride has been a controversial subject for many years.  However with a lot of new evidence over the last few years, I’ve come to the conclusion that the risks involved in using fluoride sometimes outweigh the benefits.  Several years ago I modified the use of fluoride treatments. Patients are encouraged to discuss their concerns about flouride with Dr. Ernst. 

Do you hate the look of old black fillings in your mouth?

Silver fillings turn black with age.  Dr. Ernst uses 21st century restorative materials that are so enamel-like that it is hard to tell them apart from the natural tooth.

Are you more health conscious than others?

Some of us are more concerned about the food we eat the water we drink and the air we breath and the things we put in our bodies  than others.   If you are one of these individuals it will please you to know that Dr. Ernst used the most compatible materials for our bodies ever provided by dentists.

Do you take advantage of alternative therapies?

Dr. Ernst’s “whole health” approach to dental care makes him unique in the field of general dentistry.

Would you like a Dr. who will listen to you?

If your dentist does not listen to you then he or she cannot possibly understand what your needs are.  You’ll find that in addition to being an excellent listener, Dr. Ernst is an extremely compassionate and empathetic person.

Are you tired of dentists who advertise “gentle dental care” and then don’t provide it?

Dr. Ernst feels that this is the most unfulfilled promise made by dentists today.  As a result he puts a lot of energy into making you as comfortable as possible.  He firmly believes that if he cannot get you comfortable then no one can.

Do you have crooked teeth, but do not want to go through years of braces?

With porcelain veneers, Dr. Ernst can change the shape, color, and position of your teeth in a few weeks not a few years.