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Randolph B. Ernst, DDS

We listen to our patients! 

We do not chastise patients about the way they take care of their mouths.

We do not criticize dental work you have had done in the past.

Our goal is to heal - not to make anyone feel guilty or uncomfortable.

Many individuals are embarrassed about the condition of their mouths.  There is no need to feel this way.  There are very few oral conditions that we have not seen and/or treated.

We truly strive to create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation.  By listening to your input, we can work together to easily achieve an optimal level of oral health.  

Regular check-ups - including a thorough soft and hard tissue exam, provide early diagnosis of developing problems regarding teeth, gums and bone.

We will fully explain diagnosis and discuss all of the treatment options available to you .  We will treat your dental problems promptly, in a relaxed environment and provide you with the highest quality of care available today.

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